Single Pair Ethernet Connector DZ17 Series

Next Generation Single Pair Ethernet Connector DZ17 Series (Coming Soon)

Single Pair Ethernet Connector DZ17 Series

As the digitalization of society progresses, information and communication technologies are becoming increasingly important. "Ethernet" is the most typical communication-network standard used in wired Local Area Networks (LAN). Ethernet has become more popular in equipment of all varieties, such as personal computers, various home appliances, industrial equipment, social infrastructure, automobiles and several other applications, and has become essential to our life.

On the other hand, further evolution of Ethernet technology is required due to the increasing sophistication of the information and communication technologies. In fact, what is expected of Ethernet includes the improvement of rationalization and efficiency of networks, the increase of transmission speeds, the extension of transmission distances, size and weight reduction, wiring simplification, and more environmental friendliness.

Practical Use of Next Generation Ethernet Standard SPE is Progressing

Under these circumstances, “SPE (Single Pair Ethernet)” has been established as the next generation Ethernet standard and its practical uses are gradually progressing.SPE uses a single pair (two cores) for Ethernet communication, which used to require up to four pairs (eight cores), and that simultaneously allows power supply (compatible with PoDL).

Single Pair Ethernet Connector DZ17 Series

In addition to connectors and cables being smaller, SPE can also significantly reduce the size of the board mounted components, contributing to smaller and lighter equipment. It can now be installed in equipment that previously have been difficult to miniaturize because of the Ethernet component mounting requirements.In comparison with the conventional Ethernet (Standard Ethernet), the amount of copper used in cables is reduced by one-fourth and has become more energy efficient, which has great benefits from the SDGs perspective.

SPE has been put into practical use in vehicles since the 2010s, and its installation as in-vehicle Ethernet is steadily increasing. Furthermore, in addition to the leading automotive applications, it has also become popular in industrial equipment.
In the future, it is expected to be installed in ICT equipment and become widespread as a replacement for the current standard Ethernet.

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