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Environmental Audits

The domestic multi-site environmental management system underwent its seventh ISO 14001 audit since receiving integrated certification in August 2005. In addition, internal environment audits were carried out with a particular emphasis on the effectiveness of measures against climate change and on preventing risks. Also, environment quality audits were carried out to monitor the control of chemical constituents in the JAE Group's product designs and manufacturing processes.

●Results of ISO 14001 periodical audit
The FY 2012 ISO 14001 periodical audit found that the comprehensive continuation of the Group's environmental management system would be effective. Strong points in energy savings along with some opportunities for improvement were cited, including environmental aspects and objectives/goals/implementation plans, and based on these, the Group is working on more effective and efficient activities.

●Results of internal environmental audits
The JAE Group's internal environmental audits in FY 2012 did not cite any non-compliance in the management system, but many areas of improvement can be seen in risk prevention, including responding to emergencies in accordance to major policies. A common issue for all sites is deployment across the entire Group and further improving the management level.
Internal environmental quality audits are helping to standardize auditing levels through a mutual assessment system using in-house environmental advisors and to introduce into preliminary surveys the format common to JEITA (JGPSSI), which is becoming an industry standard. There were no problematic citations in auditing results.
■FY 2012 ISO 14001 periodical audit
Sites Good points Citations
Category A Category B Opportunities for improvement
JAE Group, JAE, HAE, and FAE sites 3 instances 0 instances 0 instances 12 instances
■FY 2012 internal environmental audits
Sites Strong points Citations
Non-complying Borderline Requests
JAE Group and all sites 3 instances 1 instance 26 instances 37 instances
■FY 2012 environmental quality internal audits
Sites Assessments by self-checking method using designated
Percentage of “yes“ answers (Note 1) Number of comments (Note 2)
JAE sites (Connectors, Aerospace, UIS)
HAE, YAE, FAE, and SAE sites
98% 9
Note 1: The “yes“ answer confirms implementation through evidence.
Note 2: Comments are study requests for dealing with improvements.

FY 2012 ISO 14001 periodical audit

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