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Environmental Report 2018

JAE Group Forest

To restore and preserve forests, we established the JAE Group Forest in fiscal 2004 as a symbol of our environmental management.
To help build a prosperous, sustainable society, we are promoting environmental awareness by giving Group employees forest preservation experiences with planting trees and pruning undergrowth. It is also a place where the Group can contribute to the protection of biodiversity (click here to read our Declaration on Biodiversity Initiatives), absorption of greenhouse gas (CO2), and replenishment of the watershed.

State of original site when established (Area 1)
Current state of site (Area 1: April 2018)
Akishima cherry
Mountain cherry

* Thus far, 603 Group employees have planted trees, cleared underbrush where saplings grow, and placed nets to protect against damage from deer. Work was also done to remove vines that were impeding tree grow by clinging to trunks and branches.

 As a part of training for new employees who just entered the company, 61 took part in work to preserve forests in fiscal 2017. Unfortunately, due to rain, we could not clean up or maintain the footpath, but with the Tokyo Development Foundation for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries explaining the multifaceted functions of forests, and the Tokyo Forestry Union providing instruction, participants gained an awareness of forest preservation by thinning trees and creating a rope work.
Attending lecture on the multifaceted functions of forests
ree thinning experience
Rope work experience

 The JAE Group Forest is a symbol of environmental management. Starting with the basics, namely forest protection, replenishment of the watershed, absorbing CO2, and protecting biodiversity, the Group will foster environmental awareness among employees by providing hands-on learning opportunities, while continuing to nurture the forest as a cornerstone of its environmental activities.

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