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Environmental Report 2009

Managing Chemical Substances Contained in Products

Management System for Chemical-Content Information

●Chemical-Content Database
The JAE Group manages the chemical substances contained in products by means of a chemical database interlinked with a product management database. This means that any changes in the information for chemical substances contained in components and materials will automatically be reflected in the chemical-content information for the products that contain those components and/or materials. This enables rapid responses to customer queries.

Checking Management Status at Suppliers

●Checking of Environmental Quality at Suppliers
The JAE Group aims to establish a system wherein environmental quality failures involving suppliers never occur. It is working toward a supplier chain-wide system targeting suppliers responsible for major processes in environmental quality as well as secondary and lesser suppliers.

●Certification of Environmental Advisors
In FY 2004, the JAE Group introduced a certification system for Environmental Advisors responsible for checking the environmental quality at suppliers. Under this system, only people who undergo the necessary training and pass a test receive certification. In FY 2008, 25 new Environmental Advisors were certified in Japan and overseas. As a result, some 270 of these advisors are now active checking environmental quality at suppliers in Japan and overseas as of the end of March 2009.

●REACH Regulation-Related Efforts
After determining that the REACH regulation, which went into effect in the EU in June 2007, would have a greater impact on the JAE Group than the RoHS directive, the group established the REACH-Compliance WG (working group). The group gathered representatives from everything from sales to operations and launched full-fledged efforts in January 2008.

The REACH-Compliance WG promotes the understanding of the REACH regulation through subsidiaries and outside groups, clarifies requirements for JAE Group products/parts and what each division must comply with, and holds briefings for all operations divisions as well as all sales divisions and manufacturing companies in Japan and overseas— all in an effort to prepare for proper compliance. It also holds briefings and distributes explanatory materials to relevant suppliers in an effort to promote smooth compliance with the REACH regulation.