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Environmental Audits

 The domestic multi-site (use the cursor to view definition) environmental management system was inspected for transition to ISO 14001:2015 in March 2018 and was certified.
 The periodic environmental internal audit was performed to check that the JAE Group’s environmental management system complies with requirements, and is effectively implemented and maintained.
 Environment quality audits are also carried out to monitor the control of chemical constituents in the JAE Group’s product designs and manufacturing processes.

●Results of Periodic Environmental Internal Audit

The fiscal 2017 periodic environmental internal audit, which all sites and management bodies are subject to, was conducted on the state of compliance to requirements in ISO 14001:2015 and identification and adherence to legal requirements as priority items.
 The result of this audit detected points for improvement at some sites, but confirmed that the Group has effectively conducted and maintained the audit and complied with audit standards.
 Issues and points to evaluate that are common to the entire Group are shared horizontally, further raising the management level.
Sites Points to evaluate Citations
Non-compliant Borderline Requests
JAE Group and all sites 9 instances 3 instances 18 instances 50 instances


●Results of internal environmental quality audits

Since fiscal 2015, sites in Japan have introduced the JAMP -published Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products check sheet and conducted audits with a mutual assessment system performed by internal environmental auditors.
 Results of the audit confirmed that operations have being conducted properly continuously. 
Sites Citations FY2016 ⇒ FY2017
Non-compliant*1 Partially compliant*2
JAE sites (Connectors, Aerospace, UIS)
HAE, YAE, FAE, and SAE sites
0 instance
⇒ 0 instance
1 instance
⇒ 1 instance
In fiscal 2017, we began auditing using a similar mutual assessment system at overseas production sites.

*1: Deemed “non-compliant” in the event that there is no rule in response to an issue, and/or operations are not conducted.
*2: Deemed “partially compliant” if in practical terms operations are satisfactorily conducted in response to an issue even when rules or a part of an operation do not meet requirements. 

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