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Environmental Report 2015

Environmental Activities in and outside of Japan

Fiscal 2014 activities to contribute to the community

●Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd., Akishima Plant
Cleanup activities around the Akishima Plant
As one way to contribute to the local community, in fiscal 2014, the JAE Akishima Plant once again participated in the “Akishima Clean Campaign,” cleaning up areas around the Akishima Plant. The activities were held four times, on June 13, September 11 and December 12, 2014, and again on March 12, 2015. A total of 102 people participated, including volunteers. Overall, 22.4 kg of garbage was collected. The garbage included items such as books, paper waste, vinyl goods, plastics, cigarette butts, bottles and cans, and other items. 

Garbage collected on March 12, 2015

●JAE Hirosaki, Ltd. (HAE)

(1) The Bika-Pika Campaign
Timed to coincide with World Environment Day, on June 5, volunteers from HAE took part in the annual Bika-Pika Campaign following the conclusion of working hours. This activity started with Clean Week in 1999, and from 2007, the company has participated with the objective of expressing gratitude toward the area of Kita Watoku Kogyo Danchi, where our company is located, and National Route 7, the road upon which we commute. Another goal is to deepen employees’ interest and understanding of environmental protection. On this day, 61 employees participated, separating into three teams. Along the road they collected 36 kg of garbage that included discarded cans and cigarette butts. The empty cans and PET bottles were washed, and the proceeds received from their recycling were used to donate wheelchairs to charitable organizations.

*Information on these activities for this year and the past eight years can be seen on the Hirosaki National Highway Office homepage (Tohoku Regional Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Aomori Office of Rivers and National Highways). 

(2) Iwaki River riverside cleanup
On the occasion of the company softball game held on October 11 (Saturday) last year, we conducted our fourth consecutive annual cleanup of the Iwaki River riverside. This activity was held to show our appreciation of the riverside area that serves as the venue of company softball games, and also for the Iwaki River,
which carries with it such abundant blessings for our daily lives. Another objective was to deepen the appreciation and understanding of employees for the protection of the environment. On this day, 53 people collected empty cans, PET bottles and other garbage weighing approximately 18 kg.

*Information on these activities is introduced on the Iwaki Volunteer Patrol Page on the Fujisaki Branch Office homepage (Tohoku Regional Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Aomori Office of Rivers and National Highways). 

●JAE Yamagata, Ltd. (YAE)

(1) Support for Mogami Boys and Girls Invention Club activities
For activities planned by Shinjo City, JAE Yamagata (*as a company cooperating on a project to develop the human resources of Shinjo City) has provided educational resources (a motor-driven vehicle), and it has offered to provide an explanation of the basic principles and development guidance
to reconfigure the vehicle into a solar car.

*Through scientific learning and manufacturing activities, the activities of this invention club have as their aim the nurturing of children that excel in science.

(2) Activities to beautify rivers
Voluntarily formed by employees, the YAE Nature Club has worked through the Adopt a River Project under the auspices of Yamagata Prefecture to conduct the beautification of nearby rivers. Having been recognized for its 10 years of continuous activities, such as clearing weeds, planting flowers, cleaning up and conducting garbage surveys, the group received a letter of appreciation from the governor of Yamagata Prefecture. 

●JAE Fuji, Ltd. (FAE)

(1) Participation in the Mt. Fuji Cleanup Campaign
JAE Fuji participated in the 2014 Mt. Fuji Cleanup Campaign. A total of 19 people attended, including the president, as well
as employees and their families. In the vicinity of Mt. Fuji’s 5th and 6th stations, they conducted cleanup activities and were inspired to beautify the environment. 

(2) Workplace tour for Yamura Technical High School (third year students)
JAE Fuji provided a workplace tour for 30 third-year students from Yamura Technical High School who were considering their career options. The purpose of the tour was to enable them to make the correct decision by offering them the chance to actually look and listen, and understand their prospective work environment through the on-site tour. JAE Fuji gave a briefing on its business and explained about metal processing and the facilities through the tour in order to have the students gain a deeper understanding of their prospective work. 

●JAE Shinshu, Ltd. (SAE)

(1)  Tenryu River environmental picnic*
Garbage collection along the Tenryu River
On May 17, 2014, under the slogans, “Let’s bring back a Tenryu River that we can swim in” and “Let’s build a sustainable society,”
30 employees from JAE Shinshu, including their families, participated in the Tenryu River environmental picnic. Sponsored by
the Nagano Techno Foundation, approximately 4,600 people from the co-sponsor organizations and companies, including their families, participated in this environmental beautification campaign. This promotion fosters thinking about the significance and importance of garbage sorting. Together with getting a real feel for what the Tenryu River is today, it aims to help promote a recycling society. 

(2) Maintaining trails on Mt. Eboshi
On July 26, 2014, a group of 12 employees took part in maintaining the trails of Mt. Eboshi and the summit of Mt. Kohachiro.
The effort was sponsored by the town of Matsukawa-machi and the local Chamber of Commerce. 

  ●JAE Oregon, Inc

As a way to save energy, JAE Oregon painted their roof white, cutting energy used during the summer.

Details of energy-saving activities 

●JAE Tijuana, S.A.de C.V.

In order to support the treatment of child cancer patients, JAE Tijuana collected PET (plastics) and provided donations. 

Cancer patient support poster
to collect PET materials

●JAE Taiwan, Ltd.

JAE Taiwan performed cleanup activities in the area around its plant and undertook electricity-saving activities, including switching to LED lighting.

Commemorative photo for cleanup activities 
●JAE Philippines, Inc.

JAE Philippines works to save water through the use of rainwater and to cut its electricity use. It also actively participates in the community, undertaking such initiatives as providing help to typhoon victims and donating educational materials to schools. 

Helping disaster victims;
Supporting schools 

●JAE Wuxi Co., Ltd.

JAE Wuxi continually strives to save energy, conserve water, and to take measures that prevent pollution from chemical substances and toxic substances. It also periodically engages in cleanup work around its plant.

Pollution prevention training;
Cleanup activities 

●JAE Wujiang Co., Ltd.

JAE Wujiang is taking action to save energy, including the reduction of fluorescent lighting and the switch to LEDs, as well as by adjusting air conditioning temperature settings. It is also implementing water resource management and Cool Biz initiatives. 

Energy-saving activities