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Environmental Audits

The domestic multi-site environmental management system received an inspection, in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2004 version, for the ninth time following multi-site certification in August 2005. From fiscal 2013, sales locations have introduced remote audits using teleconferencing systems to achieve greater audit efficiency.

Internal environmental audits have been conducted with an emphasis placed on “identifying and preparing for accidents and emergency situations, as well progress in addressing such issues” from the perspective of “identifying the degree of compliance with legal requirements,” as well as preventing risks.
Also, environment quality audits were carried out to monitor the control of chemical constituents in the JAE Group’s product designs and manufacturing processes.

●Results of ISO 14001 periodical audit
In fiscal 2014, the ISO 14001 certification of JAE’s environmental management system was renewed. Based on the ISO 14001: 2004 standard, the entire system was audited for compliancy, effectiveness, and appropriateness within the scope of certification. JAE will continue to strive to further link environmental activities with its main business, aiming to make its activities even more effective and efficient.

●Results of internal environmental audits
In fiscal 2014, the JAE Group found no significant issues of non-compliance in an internal environmental audit of its management system.
Regular internal environmental audits have been conducted with an emphasis placed on “identifying the degree of compliance with legal requirements” and “identifying and preparing for accidents and emergency situations.” In particular, consideration is given from the perspective of “identifying the degree of compliance with legal requirements,” as well as preventing risks. In addition, the legal check sheet introduced last year was revised, and the status of adherence to laws and regulations was confirmed.

Issues and points to evaluate that are common to each site are shared laterally across the entire Group, further raising the level of management.

Internal environmental quality audits are helping to standardize auditing levels through a mutual assessment system using in-house environmental advisors and to introduce into preliminary surveys the format common to JEITA (JGPSSI), which is adopted as an industry standard. The company has confirmed that the audit results and the management conditions of environmental quality are good. 

■Fiscal 2014 ISO 14001 periodical audit
Sites Good
Category A Category B Opportunities for improvement
JAE Group, JAE, HAE, and YAE sites 3 instances 0 instances 0 instances 10 instances
■Fiscal2014 environmental quality internal audits
Sites Good
Non-complying Borderline Requests
HAE site 25 instances 1 instances 22 instances 45 instances
■Fiscal 2014 environmental quality internal audits
Site Assessments by self-checking method using designated questions
Percentage of “yes” answers (Note 1) Number of comments (Note 2)
JAE sites (Connectors, Aerospace, UIS)
HAE, YAE, FAE, and SAE sites
99.8% 6
Note 1: The “yes” answer confirms implementation through evidence.
Note 2: Comments are study requests for dealing with improvements. 

Fiscal 2014 ISO 14001 certification renewal

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