USB4 connector


USB4™ Specification

USB4 Version 2.0 is the newest revision to the USB specification supporting transmission speeds of up to 80Gbps, which is 4 times that of the USB 3.2 revision. The idea of tunneling, which allows multiple protocols to be combined over a single interface, has also been introduced to increase flexibility. USB 3.2 data, display (DisplayPort) and load/store (PCIe) information tunneling is possible depending on the device. It also allows devices to intelligently allocate the total available bandwidth based on the requirements of the devices which are connected. The same USB Type-CⓇ form factor has been carried over to ensure backwards compatibility. However, there are new signal integrity requirements for USB4 which required the development of completely new and improved connectors and cables. For the first time, there are normative, or mandatory, signal integrity requirements for individual connectors that must be met in order to be certified for use in USB4 40Gbps devices.
As a global leader in interconnect technology, JAE was an active contributor in the USB-IF working group tasked with creating the new specifications. JAE also offers a large line up of USB Type-C connectors and cables that support various requirements such as USB Power Delivery, USB 2.0 only, and Thunderbolt™ 3. For more information on JAE’s full line up of USB Type-C connectors,   click here.

USB4 40Gbps Certified Products

Receptacle Connector

Internal design of connectors are optimized from previous USB Type-C connectors to improve Signal Integrity performance. In order to received USB4 40Gbps (Gen 3) certification, receptacle connectors must now pass normative requirements for SI, whereas in the past there was no SI testing required for USB Type-C connectors to received certification. There are both onboard and mid-mount configurations available to support various design requirements.

USB4 connector


Plug Connector

Plug connectors cannot directly receive USB4 40Gbps certification. USB 3.2 Gen 2 certification is the highest performance certification possible for plugs, and can be used in USB4 40Gbps certified cable harness.
A new plug connector with improved SI performance and a deep drawn shell has been developed for use in cable harnesses.

USB4 connector

Cable Harness

A passive cable harness was developed and obtained USB4 40Gbps certification. Mass production timing availability is still under consideration. Please contact us for immediate cable harness requirements.

USB4 connector
  Appearance Features Part Number TID
USB4 connector C/H 3.4mm
Hybrid Contact
DX07S024XJ4 7420
USB4 connector C/H 3.4mm
Hybrid Contact
DX07S024XA8 8315
USB4 connector C/H 1.57mm
2-row SMT
DX07S024JAA 4729
USB4 connector C/H 0.47mm
2-row SMT
DX07B024JAA 5067
USB4 connector C/H -0.1mm
2-row SMT
DX07BD24JJ4 5362
USB4 connector For cable harness
22 position
Deep drawn shell
DX07P022FA1 4025
USB4 connector Type-C⇔Type-C
Passive Cable 80cm Length
SPR Compatible
Passive Cable 100cm Length
EPR Compatible

※Receptacles and plug connectors also support USB PD EPR up to 240W (5A/48V)

“USB Type-C Connector Solutions” Download

USB4 development

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