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Environmental Report 2017

Eco-friendly Products

Product-Related Efforts

 Eco-friendly efforts starting from the design stage are underway in order to reduce environmental impact at each stage, from product manufacturing and use to disposal.
 In product design, materials with low toxicity are being used, and products are being made more energy efficient. And in mold design, other eco-friendly efforts are being pursued, including improving the utilization rate of mold materials and increasing the life of the molds themselves.
 The eco-friendly efforts for each product are introduced below.

Examples of Eco-friendly Products
V2H connector KW02 series
Note: V2H is the acronym for Vehicle to Home

(1)    Expanding use of renewable energy through product dissemination
The V2H system, to which this product applies, utilizes the large volume storage capacity of electric vehicles in homes, offices, and other locations. The system can be used to absorb the output fluctuations of renewable energy (solar power generation, wind generation, etc.), leading to the expanded use of new energy sources with low environmental impact.
(2)    Improving energy usage efficiency through product use
By using the V2H system, to which this product applies, energy can be efficiently utilized by taking electricity charged during times of low electric power demand and using it during times of high demand.
(3)    Conserving resources with product design
The body was designed to be smaller and lighter weight than conventional EV rapid charging connectors, the diameter of the cable that uses the most material was reduced, and the amount of constituent materials was also reduced. As much as possible, we shared common parts with the rapid charging connector, and reduced facility production.
(4)    Eco-friendly specification (RoHS Directive-compliant product)
Constituent materials comply with the RoHS Directive and are environmentally friendly. 

●User Interface Solutions
LCD touch panels (UT3 series)

(1)    Reducing usage of environmentally hazardous substances
In addition to the use of lead-free solder alloy and the adoption of trivalent chromium surface processing and other measures for RoHS Directive compliance, the adoption of LED backlighting made it possible to eliminate mercury.
(2)    Lowering electricity consumption when power is not needed
 In the past, energy savings had been achieved by making the power supply circuit highly efficient or by employing LED backlighting. In recent years, however, equipping devices with an auto-power saving function has reduced power consumption when not in use by some 50%.     

●Motion Sensing & Control Solutions
Digital directional module (SMART DM series) for the oil field drilling market[SMART DM series]
(1)    Conserving resources by consolidating functions (conversion to SMART)
By consolidating the sensor, the AD converter, the arithmetic processor, and the power supply, which had been an independent module, into one module, we eliminated the wiring material between modules and reduced the module housing material.
(2)    Conserving resources by customers and creating greater drilling efficiency
Consolidation of functions enabled the shortening of the entire oil field drilling tool and helped customers save resources. Moreover, the shortening of the tool makes it possible to excavate in a small curvature, thereby widening the control width of the entire excavation and achieving greater drilling efficiency. It can also help reduce the customers’ inventory and life cycle cost by delivering previously dispersed functions “all-in-one.”