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Environmental Report 2015

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■Activities in fiscal 2014 (Result of activities)

The EU RoHS Directive has increased the number of restricted substances, from six to ten. In addition, REACH regulations currently apply to over 160 substances, and this will increase in the future. Every year the regulations with regard to chemical substances contained in products become ever-more severe.

In dealing with this situation, efforts made not just by the JAE Group, but also throughout the supply chain-are critical.
Accordingly, the JAE Group works with its suppliers to implement the following initiatives so as to manage materials that contain chemical substances and to establish frameworks for environmental preservation.
  • Presenting Green Procurement Guidelines to its suppliers.
  • Periodically confirming environmental quality
    In fiscal 2014, this was implemented with over 400 suppliers in total, both in and outside of Japan.
  • Addressing tier-two and other suppliers
    Together with its tier-one suppliers, JAE conducts confirmation of environmental quality, particularly in cases where tier-two suppliers are in charge of processes considered essential for the management of materials that contain chemical substances.

■Initiatives by the JAE Group

(1) Certification of Environmental Advisors
Since fiscal 2004, JAE has been implementing a system of environmental advisors who are responsible for confirming the environmental quality of suppliers.
These environmental advisors receive specific training, and only those that pass an exam are certified. In fiscal 2014, JAE certified advisors as follows.
*Newly certified advisors: 40; advisors with updated certification: 90
(Tenured: About 200)

As a result, some 330 Environmental Advisors in Japan and overseas had checked the environmental quality of suppliers around the world as of March 2015.

(2) Establishment of an environmental quality control system
The JAE Group is installing x-ray fluorescence spectrometers at plants in Japan and overseas to be used in both incoming and outgoing inspections. In building this control system, JAE seeks to ensure that items that may cause harm to the environment neither enter nor leave its premises.
In addition, in order to provide information to customers, and as proscribed by law, JAE maintains a proprietary environmental database of information on materials that contain chemical substances.

(3) Communication with Business Partners
The cooperation of business partners, including the supplying of chemical constituent data, is indispensable to improving environmental quality, and that requires the building of system based on mutual trust. In fiscal 2014, JAE once again held a New Year's Party as an opportunity for communication aimed at building relationships that mutually strengthen ties with its business partners. We are also working to forge strong partnerships, such as holding a Procurement Policy Orientation for our main business partners.

Fiscal 2014 Environmental Advisor
Fiscal 2014 Procurement Policy