Expanded Connector Line-up for Automotive Antenna Applications "CE2 (50ohms) Series" Compact Coaxial Connector for Digital Radio Has Been Developed


With the increasing popularity of automotive information devices like navigation systems and ETCs, there is a demand for more connectors that are suitable for the antenna connection area of the devices.

JAE already has the "CE2 (75ohms) Series" compact automotive connector for the 1GHz max. frequency band, and now we have developed the "CE2 (50 ohms) Series"for digital radio which is widespread in Europe and the United States.

The CE2 (50ohms) Series is not only ideal for digital radio but it can also be used for terrestrial digital television broadcast applications.

And to meet the diverse requirements of automotive application devices, the CE2 (50ohms) Series is available in a variety of types, including different pin counts, with and without a bracket, and with and without a terminal for power supply.

:: Features


Compact coaxial connector for automotive applications for frequency band up to 1.5GHz.
Characteristic impedance is 50 ohms, and uses 1.5D-2V equivalent coaxial wire for cable.
Connector available in board type, cable type, and relay type.
Connector outer terminal and bracket are connected, and bracket can be screwed to the shield plate on the unit case.
Robust connector with coaxial terminal cable resistant to 100N min. pulling strength.
Noise resistance enhanced by an outer terminal that covers entire crimp core area.

:: Applicable market


digital radio, terrestrial digital broadcasting, and other


:: General specifications

  No. of Contact : coaxial 1 pos., coaxial 1 pos. + power terminal 1 pos., and coaxial 2 pos.
  Applicable Cable : 1.5DS-QEHV, 1.5D-2V equivalent coaxial
  Applicable Frequency : DC1.5GHz
  Characteristic Impedance : 50 ohms
  VSWR : 1.0dB max.
  Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : AC1000Vr.m.s. per minute
Operating Temperature : 30 Deg. C + 105 Deg. C

:: Materials and Finishes



Board Connector

Component Material/ Finish


30% GF PBT (Color: Light pink)

Power Terminal

Copper alloy / Sn plating

Inner Terminal (Coaxial)

Copper alloy / Contact area: Gold plating over Ni
Solder area: Sn plating over Ni

Outer Terminal (Coaxial) Copper alloy / Sn plating
Bracket Copper alloy / Sn plating

Housing, Relay Housing

Component Material/ Finish


PBT (Color: Light pink)


PBT (Color: Gray)

Coaxial Terminal (for Cable, for Relay)

Component Material/ Finish

Inner Housing

30% GF SPS (Color: Light blue)

Inner Terminal

Copper alloy / Contact area: Gold plating over Ni
Terminal area: Reflow Sn plating over Ni

Outer Terminal

Copper alloy / Sn plating

Power Terminal (for Cable)

Component Material/ Finish

Power Terminal

Copper alloy / Sn plating

Sleeve (for Coaxial terminal)

Component Material/ Finish


Copper alloy / Sn plating



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