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Environmental Report 2017

Setting Targets and Evaluating Results

 In an effort to lower its environmental impact and promote the production of environmentally friendly products, the JAE Group works under ISO 14001 multi-site certification, and respecting the autonomy of each site, it sets goals and objectives on an annual basis, and carries out activities as the JAE Group in Japan in accordance with medium-term plans. In fiscal 2016, its main activities were as shown in the table below.
 “Energy-conservation” and “material-conservation” play an active role in both production efficiency and quality improvement activities. Not only did we benefit from activities such as resource recycling, including the recycling of chemical substances and the recycling of waste material and conversion of it into a valuable resource, we also reduced costs and further promoted environment management.
 We achieved our target of improving energy usage per unit, a measure intended to help with the fight against climate change, and raised energy usage efficiency relative to production. However, above all, the JAE Akishima Plant must address its obligation to follow the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s total volume reduction control, and it must take steps to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Note that the letters in parentheses, such as JAE, HAE, YAE and SAE, are abbreviations denoting sites that carried out the activity in question.
Activity Activity goal Target value Result Evaluation
Progress with measures against climate change Improvement on energy usage per unit 3.94% or more 26.62% Achieved
Reduced energy use (crude oil conversion) 1,778 kL or more 2,385 kL Achieved
Reduction of CO2 emissions caused by materials production by cutting materials usage 1,057 ton-CO2 or more 1,812 ton-CO2 Achieved
Promotion of green procurement Checking of environmental quality at suppliers 248 companies or more 262 companies Achieved
Reduce environmental impact by promoting eco-friendly designs Check adherence to Green Procurement Guidelines component selection 100% compliance Developed items, maintenance items for 18 products, others
100% implemented
Reduce use of chemical substances and
raw materials
Reduction of the amount of metal used through improvements to the gold plating process (JAE) 10% or more reduction 21% Achieved
Reduction of rinse water ion exchange reclaiming agents (HAE) 6,000 L or more emissions reduction 11900 L Achieved
Rinsing process improvement leads to reduction in cleaning fluid purchases (YAE) 30.2 L or more reduction 31.9 L Achieved
Reduction of purchases through reuse of cleaning fluid (SAE) Reuse Reuse already begun Achieved
Reduce waste
Improvement of molded waste value (HAE) 67% or more 74% Achieved
Reduction of waste through reduction in defects (HAE) 1,260 kg or more reduction 1,360 kg Achieved
Reduction of waste through reduction in defects (YAE) 1,200 kg or more reduction 1,910 kg Achieved
Reduction of waste through reduction in defects (SAE) 33.9% or more reduction 36.1% Achieved
Recycling of cleaning fluid and waste fluid (YAE) 25% recycled or more 33% Achieved

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