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Environmental Report 2022

Environmental Targets and Activity Results

In an effort to lower its environmental impact and promote the production of environmentally friendly products, the JAE Group works under ISO14001 certification. Respecting the autonomy of each site, the Group sets environmental targets and management targets for operations on an annual basis and carries out activities as the JAE Group in Japan in accordance with medium-term plans. In fiscal 2021, its main activities are as shown in the table below.
 These activities function together to improve both production efficiency and quality. Not only did we benefit from activities such as resource recycling, including the reduction of chemical substance and raw material use, and the recycling of waste material and its conversion into a valuable resource; we also reduced costs and further promoted environment management.
 Improvements to the energy use primary unit carried out to fight climate change — i.e., higher energy use efficiency relative to production output — meant that we significantly surpassed our goal. We will consider a transition to renewable energy while promoting efficient energy use in order to continue raising the efficiency of our manufacturing activities.

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Activity Activity goal Target value Result Evaluation
Measures against climate change Improvement on energy usage per unit (compared with FY2012) 18.7% or more 54.73% or more
Reduction of energy consumption (includes measures continued since FY2012; crude oil equivalent) 4822 kL or more 5778 kL
Reduction of CO2 emissions caused by materials production by cutting materials usage (HAE) 665.4 ton-CO2 or more 756.3 ton-CO2
Supply Chain Management Checking of environmental quality at business partners 406 companies or more 425 companies
Eco-friendly Products Adherence to Green Procurement Guidelines in component selection 100% compliance 100% implemented
Reduced use of chemical substances
raw materials
Reduction of the amount of metal used through improvements to the gold plating process (JAE) 10% or more reduction 11.1%
Reduction of chemical substances through the injection of an appropriate amount of chemicals in waste liquid disposal (HAE) 10% or more 10.8%
Reduction of materials by improving press disposal rate and reviewing the number of samples (YAE) 1.36% or less 1.31%
Reduction in processed cooling tower water for air conditioning (SAE) 100% 100%
Reduction in use of materials per facility by changing the cutting method of plate material (FAE) 0.17kg or more 0.299kg
Monthly reduction of water consumption per person (JAE WJ) 2.0 tons or less 1.05 tons
Annual reduction of water consumption per person (JAE WX) 10.08 tons or less 9.42 tons
Improvement of molded waste value (HAE) 15% or more 43.9%
 Digitalization of drawings to reduce paper consumption (HAE) 40% or more 46.58%
Zero Emissions Recycling of waste (YAE) 99.5% recycled or more 100%
Reduction of metal waste (FAE) 241 kg or less 94.2 kg
Reduction of landfill waste (JAE PH) 25% or more
(Plant No. 2)
Recycling of box packaging paper (JAE TW) 320 boxes or more per month
340 boxes per month

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