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Environmental Report 2022

Embracing Sustainability Management        Tsutomu Onohara, President

Environmental Management

The JAE Group Charter of Corporate Behavior declares our commitment to “harmony with the environment,” and we are embracing sustainability management. We respect the natural environment and work hard to ensure that everything we do is environmentally friendly.
 In recent years, there have been various climate disasters that have further raised the international community’s awareness of the environment and the SDGs. The Japanese government has also announced the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 46% compared with 2013 by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2050, so companies are accelerating their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, as the social focus on sustainability increases around the world, sustainability management is becoming ever more important for companies.
 The JAE Group recognizes the importance of growing sustainably while working to build a cyclical society by pursuing wide range of environmental initiatives, including taking steps to address climate change. To this end, the JAE Group is shifting away from actions that are mere extensions of conventional measures and is boldly addressing new environmental challenges, while promoting sustainability management.

Tsutomu Onohara, President

Environmental Activities

As part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility policy, the JAE Group not only seeks to comply with laws and regulations on the environment, but also to comprehensively monitor the environmental impact of its business activities. The Group’s environmental commitment includes a zero-tolerance policy about pollution, and the Group works to resolve environmental issues in nature overall, including taking steps to address climate change and protecting biodiversity, and its policy is to disclose necessary information publicly.
 Of all the risks and opportunities that we face, we view global warming as the most important, and we are all working together to address it.
 Specifically, we have set a target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the JAE Group, and to achieve it we will promote rigorous energy conservation and introduce renewable energy first at our main HAE and YAE plants, and then at other sites.
 The JAE Group aims to balance corporate activities and global environmental conservation by practicing environmentally friendly manufacturing. We ask for your continued understanding and support.

Tsutomu Onohara, President