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Environmental Report 2022

Significance of the 2022 Environmental Report                Noritaka Hiyama, Executive Officer

Significance of the 2022 Environmental Report

To address global warming and other issues facing the international community, the United Nations has set Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
 The JAE Group recognizes that it is the Group’s responsibility to address these environmental risks through its business activities. To reduce its environmental impact while expanding production scale and to promote sustainability management in line with its environmental policy, the Group took the following actions in fiscal 2021.
 First, among measures to fight global warming, we have implemented energy-saving measures that include switching to LED lighting, replacing compressors and vacuum pumps, upgrading power and air conditioning monitoring systems, and using blower-less vacuums for press machines. In logistics, we have reduced CO2 emissions by pursuing modal shift and employing reusable connector trays.

Noritaka Hiyama, Executive Officer
Director in charge of Environment,
JAE Group

These measures resulted in a decrease in the sales primary unit, but total CO2 emissions increased due to higher production volume. To steadily reduce total CO2 emissions in the future, the JAE Group has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared with 2017 by fiscal 2030 for Scopes 1 and 2 of its production sites. To achieve this target, the Group will continue to introduce renewable energy and work even harder on energy conservation.
 Next, our efforts to reduce waste, such as promoting the conversion of waste into valuable resources, are important in order to eliminate plastic. We review the way we treat each kind of waste, provide education on waste sorting, and promote recycling.
 In addition, we strive to communicate with business partners as we address regulations on chemical substances in products We are building a cooperative system based on mutual trust, for instance by providing data on chemical substances in products. We will continue to augment our management system going forward.
 For the JAE Group to continue to exist and grow over the medium to long term, it needs to respond appropriately to global warming and other critical issues. To that end, the Group will, for example, estimate the impact of physical risks, transition risks, and profit opportunities related to climate change on its business activities and profits. In addition, we will analyze these based on greenhouse gas emissions data and also prepare to disclose the information.

 This environmental report summarizes our environmental activities in fiscal 2021. We would be pleased if you would share your opinions with us so that we can make further improvements to our environmental activities.

Noritaka Hiyama, Executive Officer
Director in charge of Environment, JAE Group
JAE supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).