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Environmental Report 2022

Environmental Audits

The periodic environmental internal audit is performed to check that the JAE Group’s environmental management system complies with the audit criteria, and that it is effectively implemented and maintained for all sites and organizations.
 Compliance with ISO14001 and effectiveness are also audited by an external auditing organization.
 The internal environmental quality audit is a periodic audit of the proper management of chemical substances contained in products within the JAE Group.

Results of Periodic Environmental Internal Audit

The fiscal 2021, a periodic environmental internal audit, which all sites and management bodies are subject to, was conducted to confirm the state of compliance with ISO 14001:2015 requirements, as well as the state of compliance with compliance obligations as priority items.
 The result of this audit detected two instances of non-compliance and showed that observations and requests were largely at the same level as in previous years, but confirmed that the Group has effectively conducted and maintained the audit and complied with audit standards.
 Issues and points to evaluate that are common to the entire Group, including measures to address non-compliance, are shared horizontally, further raising the management level.
Sites Points to evaluate Citations
Non-compliant Borderline Requests
JAE Group and all sites 8 instances 2 instances 16 instances 34 instances

Results of the ISO14001 Audit

In fiscal 2021, the environmental management systems multiple domestic sites received a periodic audit for ISO14001:2015, which confirmed that the registered management system is being maintained.

Subject of audit
Good points Items for improvement Opportunities for improvement
JAE Group
JAE, YAE, SAE sites
4 instances None 9 instances

Fiscal 2021 ISO14001 periodic audit

Results of internal environmental quality audits

Since fiscal 2015, sites in Japan have introduced the JAMP(*use cursor to view definitions)-published Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products check sheet and conducted audits with a mutual assessment system performed by internal environmental advisors.
 Just as in fiscal 2020, fiscal 2021 audits were conducted using a mutual assessment system at five sites in Japan and seven sites overseas with an emphasis on the management and operation matters in the revised European RoHS Directive on the restriction of hazardous substances, which took effect in July 2019.
 These audits identified deficiencies in the management of chemical substances contained in products at some sites outside Japan due to insufficient acquisition and verification of information. Progress and management of corrections and improvements to these issues will be confirmed in fiscal 2022 audits. The audits confirmed that sites in Japan continue to operate soundly.
Site Citations FY2020 ⇒ FY2021
Non-compliant*1 Partially compliant*2
JAE sites (Connectors, Aerospace, UIS)
HAE, YAE, FAE, and SAE sites
0 instances ⇒
0 instances
0 instances ⇒
0 instances
Audits conducted at overseas sites Citations: Fiscal 2020⇒ FY2021
Non-compliant*1 Partially compliant*2
North America 2 bases
Asia 5 bases
1 instances ⇒
0 instances
2 instances ⇒
4 instances

*1: Deemed “non-compliant” in the event that there is no rule in response to an issue, and/or operations are not conducted.
*2: Deemed “partially compliant” if in practical terms operations are satisfactorily conducted in response to an issue even when rules or a part of an operation do not meet requirements.