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Environmental Report 2022

Environmental Education

We conduct environmental education to equip employees with the knowledge about the environment needed at each level and function. In addition to general education, separate training programs unique to each management body (*use cursor to view definitions) are also offered.

Training by level
●Regular new employee training
●Newly appointed supervisor and team leader training
●Newly appointed manager and supervisor training
●Individual education for employees of each management body
Education to develop employee competence:
(1) Education for environmental management systems
Training and follow-up training for environmental internal auditors, etc.
(2) Education about work that affects environmental performance, and education related to compliance obligations
Environmental advisor training and renewed education (see “Supply chain management” page), etc.
Examples of education for environmental awareness
• General environmental education (including education on energy conservation) taught to all JAE Group employees in Japan
Objective: Promote understanding of the environmental management system standard ISO14001 and awareness of energy-saving activities
Scope of activities: JAE Group employees in Japan
Method: e-learning
• Education on waste materials for employees of the JAE Akishima Plant
Objective: Disseminate general knowledge about waste and sorting
Scope of activities: Employees related to the JAE Akishima Plant
Method: e-learning