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Environmental Report 2022

Environmental Accounting

Investment amount and cost    Unit: Thousand yen
Item Investment amount Cost
Cost within business area Pollution control costs 13,510 50,760
Global environment cost 189,850 37,500
Recycling costs 12,350 81,820
Total for costs within business area 215,710 170,080
Upstream/downstream costs 360 107,320
Management activity costs 8,130 250,200
R&D costs 94,010 22,460
Communal activities costs 0 19,220
Costs for dealing with environmental destruction 0 0
Total 318,210 569,280
●Amount invested and R&D expenditures    Unit: Thousand yen
Item Amount
Total investment for period under review 318,210
Total R&D expenditures for period under review 22,460
●Economic effect of environmental protection measures    Unit: Thousand yen
Item Amount
Revenue for period under review 4,440,280
Scope: JAE Group sites in Japan
Reference guidelines, etc. 2005 edition of Environmental Accounting Guidelines issued by Japan's Ministry of the Environment
Period: April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
Data criteria:
  • All sums are rounded off to the nearest 1,000 yen.
  • All costs (excluding R&D) that are prorated as environmental activities out of all labor expenditures at environment-dedicated divisions and labor expenditures at other divisions are aggregated into management activities costs. Labor costs that may also be applicable to the following costs are also included.
    1. Pollution control costs
    2. Recycling costs
    3. Communal activities costs
  • R&D costs are posted as the full amount without prorating the environmental portion.